Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Trip So Far

It's been a busy couple of days - but busy in a (mostly) good way. Monday started with a trip to the dentist for Alyssa. The poor kid had one filling and five (5!) extractions. Yowsa!

It was good to see everyone at work. We had a St. Patrick's Day potluck barbecue. I got up early and made Irish soda bread - it's a Carey family tradition.

Today after work we went to Ikea for dinner, then Carly guided the girls and I to The Kings English Bookshop so we could meet James Dashner.

As mentioned earlier on this very blog, I was given an Advance Reading Copy of his book The 13th Reality - The Journal of Curious Letters, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately, reading time has been scarce so I'm still not done with it, but I've read about half, which is more than enough to know that my nieces and nephews will like it. I picked up three for the cousins who just had their birthday last week.

It was really great to meet the Dashner Dude in person. He seemed like a decent guy on his blog, and meeting him only confirmed that suspicion. He's presenting at the LDStorymakers Writing Conference this weekend, so I look forward to seeing him again.

Now if I can just find time in the next two days to finish off my Boot Camp homework!
(Sorry, Tristi - James distracted me...)


Tristi Pinkston said...

It's okay, Don -- I blame James for lots of things.

Serious Sam said...

It was great to see you around the office this week. I wish we had more time to talk and catch up. Next time, lets make time for lunch? We can invite Dan if he's not on another continent.