Thursday, March 13, 2008

Some Good Things

We got a few bits of good news on Wednesday - good news worth sharing.

1. Anna's purse was returned to her. She forgot it last week after her acting class, and we worried and fretted for a week, given that nearly everything she owns of value was stashed inside. Her teacher had picked it up and put it in his dressing room for safe keeping. Big time relief.

2. Kara's antibiotics seem to be helping. She is feeling a bit better, and can tolerate her new PPN better.

3. Kara's new Gastro specialist seems to be on the ball. While the doctor assures Kara of a long and difficult recovery, she seems to truly understand the problems with Kara's digestion and is confident she can help. While not giving a specific time line, she said Kara will be in the hospital for a while. At least she isn't another one of those trying to write Kara off as someone with a mental problem who just needs a psychiatrist and an eating disorder support group. (If it were only that simple ...)

4. We still had some lemon bars left from my birthday. Yummy.


Tristi Pinkston said...

So, are you saying that they finally think they know what to do to help Kara? How awesome is that!

Lemon bars. Yum.

Autumn Ables said...

Oh, I am so plaesed to read some positive things happening with Kara. It certainly helps when the care providers are on your side or at least sympathetic.

I haven't had lemon bars in a long time...that sounds yummy!