Saturday, March 8, 2008


Kara's blood work came back showing she has a staph infection. Standard procedure with an infection like this is to pull the line and treat with antibiotics. This presents a couple of problems.

First, although Kara is having a hard time making it through even half a bottle of TPN without debilitating pain, she was at least getting the nutrition from that half bottle. She's been eating a few things, but not without equal amounts of pain.

The other issue is that historically she has reacted badly to the antibiotics after two or three days.

This is a situation where there we have to pick the lesser of the evils. I'm afraid the only real option is to have the line pulled and start the antibiotics. The only other option is to try and see if her regular doctor would treat the infection with the line in place (which he as done in the past), but I feel it is very likely that the line would need to come out anyway.

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Queen of Chaos said...

What a choice to make! Oh, I hope it works out.