Sunday, March 23, 2008

Greetings From Moonlit Colby, Kansas

Yesterday was a great day - I really enjoyed the LDStorymakers conference even more than on Friday. And I took pictures. I'll post an update and the photos on my writing blog. But not tonight. It's time for bed.

I didn't go to the Whitney Awards last night, because we had a big family birthday party for the five people with March birthdays. Plus there was an Easter egg hunt for the kids. It was really nice to spend that family time. This trip was so busy I really didn't get much of that during the rest of the week.

We got up this morning at an hour that was both too early and too late. We drove for eleven hours or so. I don't have the full details, as Carly is in time out down in the car for taking us to an agricultural warehouse and telling us it was our hotel.

The girls did well again today, though not quite as well as the first drive. This is understandable, as they we were all fresh and excited for the drive up. Now we're worn out and our bottoms still hurt from last weekend's road trip. We went a little past half way today.

My goal is to get home by 7:00 pm CDT, which will give us about 90 minutes to unpack and unwind before bed. 5:30 is going to come way too early on Tuesday!

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