Monday, March 24, 2008


We made it home. The house is still here, the cat still has food and water left, and the Christmas decorations are still out.

Carly's return trip report:

Total time: 24 hours, 46 minutes (no dawdling at the hotel today!)
Moving Time: 20 hours, 14 minutes
Trip Length: 1458.9 miles
Overall Average: 58.9 mph
Moving Average: 72.1 mph
Maximum Speed: Less than last time (which is interesting, because my mom was riding shotgun on the way up)

Girls go to bed in 20 minutes. I go to bed in an hour. Yeah, I realize that probably won't happen, but this is my delusion, after all.

Photos and writer's conference updates go on the other blog tomorrow.

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Davis Bigelow said...

I look forward to the conference report Don. Oh, don't feel too bad. I get those bedtime delusions all the time - and they always hurt the next morning. (I think my alarm clock is some sort of sick catalyst.)