Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Utah Trip Update

The pump truck came to empty our septic tank and bank account. (Sigh.) Oh, well. I got my clothes washed, dried, and packed, and made it to Utah Monday night.

Alyssa cried and cried before I left, insisting that she was coming with me. I was packed early enough to give her nearly an hour of snuggle time before I had to leave, and that calmed her down. However, I'm told that shortly after I left she had another melt down and began stuffing clothes into a bag so she could go with me. Fortunately, Anna came home not long after that and Kara convinced them to make a paper chain counting down the days until I get home.

Wow, do I feel special.

Yesterday was a productive day. The printer people I'm in the office to work with come today. We'll have a meeting and figure out a schedule, and then I'll know what the rest of my week looks like.

During the evenings, my week is booked. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone tonight. I'll be sure and post pictures tomorrow.

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