Monday, February 9, 2009

Shackin' Up

Tucker has a new friend. We have reason to believe it's a lady friend, although she hasn't made it especially easy for us to tell. The fact that he doesn't try to kill her is one good indication.

She showed up about a month ago, and now we see her more than Tucker. I'm afraid she's adopted us, although she won't let anyone near her. I think she says her name is Jiji.

Unfortunately, the arrival of a little girl cat in our garage tends to complicate the "unofficial pet" situation somewhat. I fear the complications will probably increase in the near future.



Josi said...

Pets--oy. I have nothing else to say.

!nge said...

Got me worried there for a bit. Thank goodness it's the cats.

Nicole said...

Two cats can be fun. But I think I'd be worried in your case that my problems would MULTIPLY. I hope Tucker's had that life-changing heart-to-heart with his vet. And the little office procedure that follows it.

Don said...

I'm afraid that, as an unofficial outside pet, Tucker and the vet have not been acquainted.

Kara said...

No naming the black cat. I'm not claiming her. And as for Tucker getting fixed, if anyone can figure out how to get him to the vet, we'll give the idea a try. He's loves attention but will NOT be picked up. I've thought of tranquilizing him. Probably should've given that idea a try last summer.