Monday, February 16, 2009

A Most Unusual President's Day

I like President's Day. I have the day off from work, but the girls are still in school. Perfect!

This year, the day is not quite so perfect.

Alyssa has a cold. She's staying home from school.

Kara has a cold, too.

Shari has a cold, too

One of Kara's friends had to leave the place she was staying Saturday. She's been sleeping on our couch the last few nights. She now has a cold, too.

I'm getting ready to leave on a trip to the home office, and I'm all packed except for a few things that need to be washed.

However, we can't run the washing machine (or anything else that uses water) because the septic system is almost backed up. The pump truck is on the way. They should be here in 90 minutes or so.

Yes, this is turning out to be a most interesting President's Day.


Pink Ink said...

That stinks!

Have a good day off anyway :-)

Kara said...

I think we had/have Cedar Fever. We all recovered too quickly for it to be a cold. Oh, I can't wait for the warmer nights to kick in so the Mountain Cedar will go back to sleep for another year!!