Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crash! Bang! Boom! Wah!

I think it might have been a mistake to fast on Sunday. I was already wiped out from the trip I took last week, and could barely get myself out of bed Sunday morning. But it was a special ward fast, so I decided to go ahead and participate.

I was very tired all through church, but didn't really have a problem until I was on the way home.

As we get off the freeway a mile from our house, there are two gas stations on the corner, and things can get rather chaotic. This is the situation I found myself in Sunday afternoon. A car was coming out of the gas station on the right, and the lady was rolling and looking the other way. I thought to myself, She's going to hit me if she doesn't pay attention.

Unfortunately, with my low blood sugar and fatigue I wasn't able to process the whole situation as quickly as needed, and I noticed too late that the car in front of me had stopped to turn left into the other gas station.

I stomped on the brakes, but didn't manage to stop in time.

Fortunately nobody was hurt, and neither car suffered a whole lot of damage. It looked like the poor (hysterical) girl in the other car will just need to have the rear bumper replaced - I don't think any of her metal got bent.

Here is a picture of the damage on our van. It doesn't look too bad, but the radiator mount got pushed up inside and cracked the radiator. Obviously the turn signal is ruined and there is a little damage to the grill. The left front fender is pushed back enough to interfere with the driver's door.

Given the age and condition of the van, the insurance company has written it off as a total loss. This is based on the cost of repairing both functional and cosmetic damage. However, the amount they will be giving us is double the cost of making the van functional again, so this part of it might not turn out all that bad.

What happens to our insurance premiums is still unknown. I also don't know if I'll get a ticket for this. Technically, both drivers share some fault, as she was trying to turn left across a double yellow line. However, since that's the exact same thing the policeman did when he arrived on the scene, I doubt he will give it much consideration.


Pink Ink said...

Ouch...sorry. That's funny about the policeman turning left the same way the lady did :-)

Josi said...

OH bummer--good luck getting it fixed.

Kara said...

You sound so calm when you explain it here in the blog ... he a good writer, eh?

Elizabeth said...

You should have stayed in Utah??? So sorry. Thank goodness no one was hurt. (That's what I keep telling myself about my son's totaled car...) That, and a few choice words that I keep to myself...