Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Vacation Update

Although we're less than a week into summer break, things seem to be working out OK. The revised family schedule, where everyone keeps the school year bedtime but sleeps an hour later, seems to be working. I am feeling pretty good at the moment, with more energy than I've had in several months. And the girls are going to sleep at night without any trouble yet.

Anna is grudgingly accepting the additional chores we have been giving her. This morning I taught her how to make strawberry banana smoothies, as one of her new jobs is to make breakfast for herself and Alyssa. She's still afraid of the stove, but I have pancakes and waffles she can reheat in the toaster oven, and she has always made a mean bowl of corn flakes.

We had a very productive weekend, cracking the whip over the girls heads and getting them to help with only a high degree of complaining ("high" being an improvement over "severe").

Anna has an acting camp at the high school this week, and we're going to try a game party this Thursday. That always helps her get in the cleaning mood.

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Noreen & Allen said...

Talking about summer Vacations I hear you guys are going to be coming to visit for a while. That will be great to see you and the girls again. I love your girls!(Give them a big hug and kiss for me) Make sure we get together while your in town.

Love ya!