Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lyme Treatment Follow-up

Kara and I went to our Lyme doctor today. He's a well known specialist, but I don't think he's the key Lyme doctor.

Sorry. The antibiotics made me do it.

The visit went well. I'm finally getting a handle on this guy. He is eccentric multiplied by odd. If a novelist made him up, nobody would accept him as a believable character. But he does seem to know his stuff.

I have been gradually feeling more and more fatigued and mentally foggy as my treatment has progressed. He warned me this would happen, and today he gave me some things to try to combat this. We'll see how it works.

The girls went over to a friends house while we were at the doctor, so they were out of our hair until after Activity Days ended at 8:00. It was nice to have some quality time together. Even if it did involve de-boning five game hens and exchanging a bra at the store.


Nicole said...

Ouch. Key Lyme?? That was bad.

Tevita and Liz said...

wait, am i missing something? you're in treatment? hope all goes well.

Queen of Chaos said...

Not a believeable charachter is your Doc? Run, run away fast and hard! haha I got a good laugh. Thanks.

I'm sorry you're tires and such. But your doing what you need to. HAng in there. (((HUGS))

Hey a date is a date- taking a bra back to the store constitutes as a real date. My poor hubby has gone with me bra shopping too many a time and I called it a date!