Monday, June 30, 2008

The Great Minivan Adventure, Day 2

My day started out pretty good, but the ending hasn't gone so well.

I got up early and did some writing, then drove the van to the dealer to get the AC fixed. July 4th road trips pretty much require chilled air, especially since it's a van and only two windows roll down. And believe it or not, the windows in this van actually roll down, with these antique little roller-looking things.

Anyway, I got the van dropped off, and then caught the little shuttle guy back to the house I'm staying at. They are in a bit of upheaval, having just returned from their trip to Dallas, but I hid myself in the office and worked. Also I got the van on the insurance and temporary transit permit without any trouble.

I was kind of hoping the repair would be done by lunch, but when it wasn't I just ate the snacks I had brought with me. I called once and was told they were still working on it.

The little shuttle guy quits a little before the service dept closes, so I called him to come and get me, figuring I could just stay and wait at the dealer until they finished.

Unfortunately, they didn't finish. This is where the day goes bad.

Even after the repair, the van climate system is blowing hot air. They will try again tomorrow, and hopefully be done before noon so I can get home and not have to stay an extra day here.

I really don't understand how this could happen. I actually packed enough stuff to stay an extra day - isn't that supposed to guarantee that I won't need to use it? (sigh)

The worst part of the delay is that I really want to get back in time for Anna's puppet show at Activity Days tomorrow night, but that will only happen if I can leave by 9:00, and even that would only work if I drove straight through without any bio breaks or anything.

All of this was on top of the little snacks I ate for lunch running out early. I just finished my footlong sandwich, and my blood sugar is slowly recovering. It's still not good enough for me to get up and take a picture of the van. You'll just have to accept this one for now, taken from my table here at Subway.


Kara said...

You're a goof! But I'm so glad you're my goof ... love you!

Serious Sam said...

It's been two days and you haven't posted again! Are you OK? Are you still sitting in a Subway waiting for your van to be fixed?
I hope you're doing well.