Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Surgery on Thursday

Kara is getting a central IV line put in tomorrow. It's similar to the PICC line she had before, but this one goes in under her collarbone rather than up her arm. It should work better than the PICC - we'll see.

We really want to get this line in before I leave for my trip next week, but it hasn't been all that easy. I drove to Dallas last Friday afternooon to go and meet with the surgeon, but when we got to the office we found that our appointment had been canceled because the doctor's surgery that morning went long. We were both very upset at the time, what with having to take time off work and find someone to watch the girls after school, not to mention Kara rearranging her appointment schedule to fit in this meeting.

But I'm over it now. Almost.

We finally got to meet with the doctor this morning, and it was really good. They set us up an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. Kara's understandably nervous about the surgery, as she reacts to pretty much every pain killer available. They'll be inserting the line under local anesthesia, but once that wears off there will probably be some pain involved, and no real way to ease it.

I've got someone to watch the girls after school tomorrow, but not over night, which we were hoping for. It would be nice if I could spend the night in Dallas in case Kara needs anything. She's working on seeing if someone else who's already there can help.

I pray everything goes smoothly. It's about time something did.

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