Friday, December 21, 2007

The Equalizer and 60 Hours of Jammies

This morning when the girls went to school, I spread all of the holiday loot out on the bed and did a quick inventory. I've been picking away at the shopping for months now, but I wanted to make sure that everyone is covered, both as givers and receivers. Because although there really isn't anything I want for Christmas that will fit in a box, it simply wouldn't do to have Santa forget Dad.

I found a few inequities, which I fixed with a quick trip to the toy store - closing out the last of the gift cards in the process.

I am now just 1 (one) gift away from being finished. And maybe a few treats for the stockings.

On a completely unrelated topic, by the time Alyssa gets dressed tomorrow, she will have been in pajamas for around 60 hours. Not the same pajamas, but pajamas nonetheless.

This is due to the fact that today was pajama day at school, but she at first told me that yesterday was pajama day at school, so she wore pajamas two days in a row, plus three nights.

Good thing she has extra jammies.

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Karra said...

Alyssa is probably a lot like Jake - he would wear pajamas all day every day! When we asked him what he wanted for Christmas he said "lots of new jamies!" Of course he has pretty much outgrown or ruined all of his. Fortunately grandma gave him two pairs the other night (we sure missed you at the party - especially the late night run to Wal Mart after)and there are two pairs under the tree! Luffa!