Monday, December 3, 2007

Nothing Like a Little Motivation

Next week I will be traveling. Rather than ship the girls off to someone's house this time, we have found a college student in the ward who will be able to come and stay at the house with them. This will work out very well, as we won't have to pack a weeks worth of gear for the girls to take, and their morning routine will be a little easier to keep.

However, due to recent circumstances, our home is - how shall we say - not quite house guest ready. Although it should be, and now I have a little extra incentive to get it that way. And I intend to give my daughters some extra incentives, too. After all, "this mess didn't make itself."

This will come in addition to at least one trip to Dallas this week, and probably more like two or three.

We had an appointment last Friday to meet with the doctor that will be doing Kara's line. I called an hour or so before I left to make sure the appointment was still going as scheduled. I got the machine, and left a message.

They didn't call back, even though the appointment had been canceled due to a surgery gone long. Having taken off an entire afternoon of work and finding someone to watch the girls after school, I was not pleased, to say the least.

Then it took me nearly three hours to get back through DFW Metroplex rush hour traffic.

I sure hope the appointment this week goes a little more smoothly.

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