Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Great Cleanupalooza Festival

It's time once again for the Great Cleanupalooza Festival, that always exciting event aimed at preventing potentially fatal Embarrassmentitis.

The fun began last night with the Three Basket Laundry event, and continued this morning with Shave-And-A-Haircut. On tap for the rest of the day are:

  • Three Basket Laundry - Bonus Refill
  • Washing Of Alyssa's Thicker-than-should-be-legal Hair
  • Child Bedroom Floor Finding Expedition
  • Family Room Frenzy
  • Halloween Decoration Roundup
  • Guest Bedroom Gutting
  • ChiCaInWriMi (Child Care Instruction Writing Minute)
  • Business Trip Packing Sprint
The festivities are to run through early afternoon, followed by a mini-vacation trip to Dallas.

This fun and exciting event will undoubtedly be filled with the cheer and glee from all eager participants.

It's the not-so-eager participants I'm worried about.

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