Sunday, December 23, 2007

Seven (More) Things About Me

I was tagged for Seven Things About me by Stephanie Humphries.

Rules of the Meme:
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1. In my youth I had a freckle on my right earlobe, and it looked like I was wearing an earring.

2. Before I will wear anything, it needs to be washed. My wife and kids are the same way.

3. I still read the Honolulu Star-Bulletin online almost daily.

4. I've recently grown a beard again. It is much more gray than it has ever been in the past.

5. My beard really itches, but I can't shave it yet. It's there to camouflage the extra roundness in my cheeks. I'll shave in about 12 pounds.

6. For several years, I taught one computer programming class per semester at Utah Valley State College.

7. My LDS mission was in the Missouri St. Louis mission. I almost went the entire two years without serving in St. Louis itself, but my very last month I got transferred into the city.

I just never know who to tag - and so many of the blogs I read have been tagged lately. So I'm going to just cop out on tagging anyone. Again.

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