Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Minor Christmas Miracle

Each year we buy Christmas dresses for the girls. Since they are both very particular about what they will wear (as in fit, not fashion), it is usually a bit of a challenge to find anything. And given their vastly different body shapes, I gave up long ago trying to find them matching dresses.

Well, yesterday I worked early and through lunch so we could have the whole evening to maybe finish this task. And here's where the miracle comes in - we found matching dresses at the very first store we went to (Macy's). Both girls like them, both girls look good wearing them, they were half off, and they are MACHINE WASHABLE! Double Bonus!

I will take better pictures later, but this gives you an idea, anyway. We then had time to shop for two pair of Sunday shoes, plus new tennis shoes for Alyssa (Spiderman, of course). Anna's shoes are a women's size 6. Yikes! Her dress is a size 16, which is as big as the girl's clothes go. That means next year she's into the Juniors sizes, and she's only 10!

Anna also got a few Christmas presents bought. One is for someone in Utah. As we were discussing this morning why the gift would probably not arrive until after the holiday, I realized just how much influence our Harry Potter bedtime stories are having. She said "That's five days. Is there no post on Christmas?"


Marcia Mickelson said...

Cute dresses, and half off too? Good deal. I have no girls. I never get to go dress shopping. Buying for boys is not as much fun.

Don said...

Marcia - Buying for boys would be much easier, that's for sure.

Dress shopping is "fun" the first couple of stores. After that, it quickly devolves from work to torture, especially with two girls who would rather play hide-and-seek in the racks than try on yet another dress.

Tell you what - drive on up to DFW in a few months, and I'll lend you some girls for Easter dress shopping!

Tristi Pinkston said...

Congratulations on matching dresses! Someone was really watching out for you. :)