Friday, November 16, 2007

Working at the Chinese Laundry

I'm reminded of the old Westerns that show Chinatown with the big cauldrons of boiling clothes.

That may not be the most politically correct portrayal , but it's the mental image I got as I boiled my own pots of clothes today. Boiling gets smells out lickety-split, and as it's turned cold here (ie no longer in the 80s) I've been trying to get some of Kara's heavy clothes so she can wear them.

It's amazing how much laundry soap came out of clothes that have been in boxes for over two years. I had three pots going for probably 8 hours today. Hopefully I've done what is needed for her to wear some of these things without reacting to them.

Also, as of today I am married to quadragenarian. I get my turn at it soon enough.

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