Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday - the Day Of the Rest

Oy! This has turned into a wild weekend. I have been asked to take a trip for work the second half of the week, and the preparations have put me into overdrive mode. I worked hard all day yesterday, trying to get caught up and ready to go. There is still much to do today. And tomorrow, and Tuesday when I leave.

It's the typical dilemma - there is a lot going on that I want to blog about, but but the events themselves are taking up all of my blogging time. Even with an extra hour today, I'm going to be struggling to catch up.

But it will happen. Y'all are worth it.

Autumn and Tristi - I'm working on your tags. I'm having fun with them, but they are not progressing quite as fast as I would like.

But then what is?

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