Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dallas Thanksgiving Trip

Happy Thanksgiving. We decided at almost the last minute to all spend the Thanksgiving weekend at the condos in Dallas. Kara is not doing very well, and I wanted to try and help her get around to her appointments. Also, this gives us a chance to be away from home, almost like a little mini vacation. Almost.

I managed to lock my keys in the car at one clinic - the same one where Kara has locked her keys in the truck twice. There must be some kind of curse on that parking lot.

After sitting through the longest visit we've had in months with Kara's doctor, I rewarded the girls by taking them to the new American Girl store here. There were girls and dolls and accessories and really big numbers on the price tags. We were content to browse, fortunately. We also went through the Galleria mall, and found a toy store, a puppet store, and a play space.

After dinner, Anna and I went next door to Blockbuster and got Hairspray and The Santa Clause 3. We also got a couple of Wii games - Cooking Mama's Kitchen and Super Paper Mario. Alyssa fell asleep early, and she's the big Santa fan at our house. So the three of us watched Hairspray until around midnight. It was pretty good - we all enjoyed it.

Today we are going to do a little traditional Thanksgiving dinner. We have a small turkey, but I just left it in our freezer at home. Maybe we'll pull it out for Christmas. Instead, I just got a small turkey tenderloin to cook here. I wanted to do something non-traditional like lasagna or pizza (food I would really be thankful to eat) but Anna wasn't willing to give up her mashed potatoes. So we'll have turkey, potatoes, cranberries, pomegranate, and the rest of the pumpkin pie I made on Tuesday.

It's been nice to just take it a little bit easy and not worry about all of the things that I really should worry about but don't want to any more. And the girls have been having fun. Tomorrow we're going to see the trains at Northpark mall. I'm actually deluded enough to think I can go to a mall the day after Thanksgiving - pretty crazy, huh.

I'm just glad there are no doorbusters that appeal to me tomorrow. I will get to sleep in, provided Miss Alyssa Earlybird makes it past 6:30 tomorrow morning.

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Tristi Pinkston said...

Oh, man! You got Santa Clause 3 just by walking in? Our Blockbuster has 52 copies and they've all been gone since they arrived.