Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tag - Class Schedule

I was tagged by Autumn over at Autumn Ables to come up with 5-10 classes to either take or teach, depending on which version of this game's instructions you read. In keeping with the new status of 'Rebel,' (which was given to me by Connie in response to comments I left at LDS Writers Blogk) I've chosen to make my own rules and split the difference, coming up with 5 classes to teach, and 5 to take in hopes of improving my life.

These are classes to help make my life better, and they constitute the curriculum of Deluded State University.

First, the classes that I will teach. There will be weekly quizzes, and the final is comprehensive.

Home Improvement 280: Project Initiation This course describes how to make detailed plans and solid preparations. It will involve a weekly field trip to Home Depot.

Civics 125: Becoming the Neighborhood Oddity Subjects covered include aluminum foiling and taping, carpet ripping, window climbing, and vodka spraying

Theater 305: Advanced Voices for Bedtime Stories Make story time interesting with a variety of pitches, timbres and accents. Also includes a discussion on keeping story time from being TOO exciting, thus causing chronic Upinthenightis.

Psychology 110: Introductory Delusion Learn to let delusion oil the bearings of your troubled life.

Music 177: Beginning Ukulele This is an elective, just for fun.

Now, the classes that I will be taking.

Religion 99: Remedial Scripture Study Why oh why is this simple thing so hard to do?

Organization 101: Group Lab This is the class that I am taking with Autumn, and Tristi, and Stephanie, and probably a lot of others. Maybe Tristi needs to do an Organizational Challenge one of these months.

Home Improvement 285: Project Completion I'm really good at planning projects and buying supplies. I need this class to help me finish them up!

Psychology 345: Advanced Assertiveness I've recently passed Beginning and Intermediate Assertiveness, but there is still a lot more work to be done. This is a life skill I need a lot of help with.

Family Studies 210: Motivating Children to Work If I can somehow finish this class, a lot more will get done around here. I might even be able to take Organization 201: Staying Organized.

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Davis Bigelow said...

"Psychology 110: Introductory Delusion Learn to let delusion oil the bearings of your troubled life."
It wouldn't be so funny if it didn't have such a generous portion of truth in it.