Monday, November 26, 2007

Mr. Murphey Runs Amok

We survived our stay in Dallas. Kara is still there - we're not sure for how long. It was difficult for me to let the whole weekend go by without doing any of the many tasks that need to be done here at home, but I think it was good for our family to be together for that time.

Sunday night Anna and I were here at the house, trying to get everything Kara was going to need for the foreseeable future packed into the car. I was carrying out three glass pans (including a large glass stock pot) when they slipped from my hands and fell onto the tile. As usual, the tile won.

The pots broke into thousands of little pieces, and my nerves shattered right along with the glass. I said a bad word with enough volume and frequency to make myself hoarse. In addition, a nearby wall was visited by the Flying Fists of Frustration, and like the pots, the wall did not win.

So now, in addition to all of the chores that I didn't get done last week, I have a wall to replace.

And the great irony? I'm fixing the wall by applying 40 square feet of vertical tile. Photos to follow.

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