Tuesday, November 20, 2007

5 Things (times 5)

Tagged by Autumn. Here we go.

Five things found in my room:
  1. Stacks of magazines I will never have time to read.
  2. Three laser printers; one that prints onto rolls instead of sheets
  3. Two dead cell phones, one mostly dead phone that I'm trying to return, and one that works quite well
  4. Four computers and five monitors
  5. A box of tissue that is being emptied at an alarming rate
Five things I've always wanted to do:
  1. Become a pilot
  2. Write a book
  3. Make a movie
  4. Start and run a successful business
  5. Become a philanthropist
Five things found in my (computer) bag:
  1. My passport
  2. My Pilot's Flight Log Book (one hour and holding)
  3. A bag of foam earplugs
  4. Batteries - AA, AAA, and Dell Rechargeable Lithium Ion (the non-exploding kind)
  5. Business cards of people I will probably never see or speak to again
Five things found in my wallet:
  1. Texas driver's license, but without the M endorsement this time
  2. Good Earth supplement card only needing 4 more stamps (too bad the nearest Good Earth is 1,000 miles away)
  3. A family pass to the Ft Worth Museum of Science and History (expired)
  4. Three credit and two debit cards
  5. Absolutely no cash or coins of any kind
Five things I'm currently into:
  1. Blogs - both writing and reading
  2. Reading bedtime stories to my girls
  3. Writing my novel
  4. Playing my ukulele
  5. Searching for some semblance of normalcy in a crazy life

1 comment:

Ajoy said...

Wonderful! Very interesting things I've learned about you, Don. You have a passion for life- I see. :D

Your goals, dreams and what you have fulfilled so far are awesome! Keep it up!!

{thanks for playing along so nicely ;) hehe }