Monday, August 20, 2007

Tales Of Travel

I made it to Atlanta last night. I had a protein-rich fruit smoothie in Salt Lake for dinner. It did not agree with me, and the disagreement only got worse at altitude. But I survived.

I changed planes in Denver. I had to get from gate 85 to 24, and the pull out handle on my roller bag no longer extends, so I got a pretty good workout.

I was able to try my travel pillow. It was only a two-plus hour flight from Denver to Atlanta, but I made myself try to sleep. The pillow would work better if it were about six inches taller, but in all I think it could be a big help on a long flight.

The rental car shuttle was at the curb when I got there, and I didn't get lost finding my hotel. The room was quiet and I went right to sleep. It was 1:30 am local time, but I didn't have to be to the printer company until around 11:00, so everything worked out well. I was able to do the work I wanted to when I got on the printer today, and I only ran into a few easily resolved issues.

I hope I haven't used up all of my good luck for this trip.

My hotel is right next to a Cracker Barrel, and it was nice to eat there without the girls. Actually, it was boring. But every once in a while boring is nice.

Speaking of boring, I have spent the evening here in my room working on a creative writing project I began about five years ago. At the moment, it is 342 words long. I think I had 500 words written when I started tonight. It has been as long as 15,000 words.

I'm afraid if I keep working on it like this, it's going to disappear entirely.

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