Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Much Needed Day Off

When asked what I wanted for Father's Day this year, my answer was "A day off." A day that I could go and do whatever I wanted and not have to worry about taking care of anyone or anything. Yes, that would be nice.

What happened instead was a trip to the ER to get Kara's PICC line removed, and the rest of the summer has been like riding an avalanche. So much for Dad's Day Out.

Last Thursday, I finally got my chance. Part of me felt guilty taking a day off while I was on a trip for work. But I still managed to work nearly 60 hours that week, so I made that little part shut up and go away.

My day started with a trip to Ikea with my mom. I've been to Ikea before, but the one here in the DFW metroplex is more than an hour away and involves one or two toll roads. I've only been twice, as for some reason the girls don't like the store. But this Ikea is 15 minutes from my mom's house, so I went three times.

15 minutes - that has a nice ring to it.

Anyway, after Ikea, I went to BYU with my sister. I spent a couple of hours in the library reading old Ke Alakai as research for my highly delusional creative writing project. My sister spent a couple of hours parking the car, as it was Education Week at BYU.

My buddy Jeff is now a professor at BYU, and his office is not far from the library, so we took a few minutes to visit with him before hiking to the hinterlands, where the car had been parked in the last free spot on campus.

I went with my mom and Ed to see Harry Potter V, which I enjoyed. I have to wonder, though - if I hadn't read the book, would I have been able to follow the story? I'm not sure.

Following the movie I had dinner with my dad. We visited late into the evening, which was really great. It's something we haven't had many chances to do lately.

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