Thursday, August 9, 2007

FedEx Delivers a Mystery

The FedEx lady came today. I thought she was bringing my order of dead birds from Blackwing. But instead, she had a shiny new Dell laptop, addressed to me.

Having FedEx bring a new computer was pretty cool. The trouble is, I don't know who ordered it. Dell says that I did, and the credit card information they gave me (last 4 digits) matches my card. But the credit card company doesn't have any charges to that card from Dell.

I asked my mom if she sent me a new computer, and she laughed. So did my dad when I asked him.

I asked my boss at work, but he didn't think a new computer had been ordered for me. Besides, I just got a new computer in January, and while it's not as small and sleek as the one that came today, it's a much better fit for my work needs.

I have to wonder if someone didn't try to steal my credit card information and buy them self a new laptop, but wasn't quite smart enough to have it actually shipped to them instead of me. But if I was going to use someone else's credit card to buy a computer, I would have bought the top of the line. This machine is nice, but it's pretty much entry level.

So for now, it remains a mystery.

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