Thursday, August 23, 2007

Atlanta Airport Scavenger Hunt

I took the grand walking tour of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (with the heavy non-rolling bag). I was looking for my buddy Joe.

Joe is a pilot stationed in Atlanta, although he lives a few hours away in North Carolina. With my various Atlanta trips, we had been trying to get together for dinner. This trip, it looked like we might at least get an hour or so in the airport.

I hiked out to where I thought his plane was going to be at the end of the A concourse, but once they landed they were given a gate at the opposite end of the D concourse. So I walked and took the little train and walked again, then tried to find gate D37.

In the Atlanta Airport, gate D37 seems to be something like Platform 9 3/4. The signs are there for D35 and D36, then jump to D38 and stop. Looking out the window between D35 and D38, I saw a plane several hundred feet out on the tarmac, behind the plane parked at gate D38. That was it.

They had used the old fashioned roll-up stairs to deplane people, but that didn't really work so well for the lady in the wheelchair. So when I got there they were in the process of using the old-fashioned roll-up elevator to get her out. They then removed the elevator and pushed the stairs back so Pilot Joe could deplane.

What we hoped would be an hour or so of catching up turned into a five minute chat between gates. But I did manage to get a picture.

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Nicole said...

Joe is a PILOT??? Joe B?? I know Joe!! *waving* That is so cool! We're in NC too, if you ever get to Fayetteville and want to see my pics of Moana Street let me know!