Sunday, March 15, 2009

Good-bye, Pawelu

Longtime readers of this blog will recall the love/hate relationship we have with our dishwasher. Well, actually it's more of a tolerate/hate kind of thing. We even named it Pawelu, which means "old, worn out, worthless."

We've put up with weak wash cycles and noisy operation and a top rack that likes to fall out on a regular basis, but this week we discovered the last straw - incontinence. Pawelu is old, and now it is leaking.

Fortunately, we have no cabinets to hide the water, or it may have been years before we found the problem. With Kara and our boarder Shari both very sensitive to mold, this is potentially a very serious problem.

So yesterday, I went on a quest to find a new dishwasher - one with a stainless-steel tub that won't have to off-gas nearly as much as a plastic one. I found an LG model at Best Buy that fit the bill, and it will be delivered on Monday.

Now, the tricky part will be trying to get it off-gassed quickly so we can install it without causing too much trouble. This means setting it up on the back porch, spraying down every inch with copious amounts of vodka, and trying to hook it up to the garden hose so it can run.

The sun will be out all week, so that will be a tremendous help. But it needs to be ready to install by Saturday, as the rains return on Sunday.

Stay tuned for photos and the boring details. At least, I hope they're boring, and not disastrously exciting or catastrophically humorous.

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