Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You Can't Handle the Truth!

Thanks to everyone who played my 500th post liar's game. I'm pleased with the turnout we had this time, and amazed at how wrong everybody was.

Let's discuss.

By far, the most popular answer is number 3, which I suppose proves that my skill rests not in lying, but in telling the truth in such a was that nobody believes me. This answer was cited because people didn't believe:
  • I got (almost) all A's and A minuses is college (which I did - I was a bit of a nerd that way)
  • I wasn't flaky enough to miss a test (ha!)
  • missing one test wouldn't pull my grade down to a B (it did)
  • I would have been able to make up the test (which I probably could have, but my flaky 19-year old self didn't believe it could be done)
  • The Salutatorian traditionally gives a speech, not a prayer (this is true at most schools, but I really gave the prayer - I have witnesses)
In short, answer number 3 is not the lie.

The second most popular guess was the story with Danny DeVito. It's true. The loud toy was not a video game or anything like that; just one of those plastic things with colorful lights and buttons. And a really loud speaker. But we only heard it while sitting at the gate - once the plane was in the air and the curtain was drawn, I have no idea what went on with that thing.

The centipede story also got some votes, but it's entirely true. And Janette, that's not a dime in the picture - it's a quarter. Yes, those things are real. Welcome to paradise.

Since these tales are all true, that means the lie is the story about Michael Dorn, a man I've never met. If you happen to run into him at a SciFi Con, don't say "I heard you take the onions off your sandwiches," because I totally made that up.

I really was the Utah Wing Leader for Angel Flight, and Michael Dorn really served on the board of directors. But his time on the board ended before I became Wing Leader. And the sandwiches they fed us at the Planning Day didn't have onions on them - thank goodness.

Now, this story only got one vote, and a weak one at that - "I think I'm changing my answer, unless of course, I was right the first time." C'mon, Elizabeth - you can do better than that.

But weak as it is, Elizabeth did actually give the right answer. So I suppose that makes her the winner! (Unless of course she wants to stick with her first answer.)

Thanks again to everyone who played along.


Josi said...

Dang, I really thought I had it. Well, congrats on being a good liar :-) I hope you feel really bad about that.

Elizabeth said...

I am definitely sticking with my 2nd answer! Thank you very much. and Happy Birthday, by the way...

Dan Monson said...

Good job lying! It was a fun game. Thanks! Now I'll have to talk my wife into letting me buy a cocoa maker! Oh, well...