Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Contest Rules and Prize - Post 499

OK - we're almost at post 500, so it's time to set the stage for the contest. Here's the deal:

For this contest, I'm going to play the Liar's Game. That's where I write four experiences from my past, but one of them is not true. Your job is to figure out which one is a lie. If you want some practice, you can look at the last time I did this game. The practice session answer is here.

Now, last time I did this, I got a total of 4 guesses, while other players got dozens. Not good enough! Granted, I've made a few more blogger buddies since then, but just to make sure I get a good response, I'm gonna give something away. That's right - a real, genuine prize!

Here at our house, one of our favorite things is our Mr. Coffee Cafe Motion hot cocoa maker. We use it almost daily. Perfect cocoa every time! Well, dear readers, I have an extra, and I'm going to give it away to YOU! That's right - one lucky reader in the US or Canada will get their very own, new in the box cocoa maker. Just in time for spring! (Ah, well - sorry about that.)

Here's the way it will all go down: I'll post my four stories as soon as I get them written. Should be within the next hour or so. You read the stories and guess which one is not true, and post your guess in the comments. The contest will remain open until 8 pm Central time on March 10th, (which happens to be my birthday), and then, from the dozens and dozens of correct guesses, I will pick at random a WINNER!

It will be fun and exciting for all! That is, unless nobody plays, in which case it will be totally lame.

You will play, right?

OK, good.

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