Sunday, March 8, 2009

McCall Ball

Last night Alyssa and I went to the McCall Ball Father/Daughter dance at her elementary school and had a great time.

Alyssa has been talking about this activity for weeks, but I wasn't completely sure how she'd handle the crowd and loud music.

At first she was very put out, and we sat on the bench outside the cafeteria.

Then her best friend Elissa found us, and talked Alyssa into dancing with her and her friends.

After that, the ice was broken, and Alyssa danced with me, too. It was a great event - they played all of the classics: YMCA, Footloose, The Chicken Dance, Stayin' Alive, and the Electric Slide. And The Hokey Poky, of course, but that was when we were out on the bench.

Elissa won one of the balloon bouquet decorations as her door prize, and she shared some balloons with Alyssa.

Why I didn't frame the picture to include the balloons, I'll never know. But it's a great picture from a great evening.

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Julie Wright said...

that is so cute. One of my fav memories of my dad is the daddy daughter date.