Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wrapping Up Another Weekend

It's Sunday night again. That means we go to bed in a bit, and soon a new week starts all over again. Yes, I realize that if I were to actually pay attention to the calendar, the week started today. But it my mind, the week starts when the alarm goes off Monday morning. And I'm pretty sure I'm not alone.

Anyway, the weekend was a pretty good one. Here are a few of the things I did:
  • Pushed, prodded, and harangued the girls into cleaning up the living and dining room.
  • Convinced (I hope) the family to have the house "Guest Ready" by Thanksgiving, even though there are currently no plans for guests.
  • Broke and replaced an office chair.
  • Baked two batches of scones.
  • Baked two loaves of whole wheat bread.
  • Explained to Anna why we will be eating whole wheat bread.
  • Failed to make protein bars, and instead filled a jar with protein bar-flavored trail mix. (They turned out all crumbly)
  • Quit taking my antibiotic (twice) due to a rather nasty side effect.
  • Went to the park.
  • Made pizza.
  • Watched (and enjoyed) Kung-Fu Panda.
  • Moved a dozen boxes into the attic.
  • Helped Kara discard a dozen more boxes.
  • Made a valiant effort at starting to clean up the office.
And now it's almost bedtime, and tomorrow the weekly cycle starts all over again. I suppose I should be glad to have so much to keep me occupied.


Tristi Pinkston said...

I'm with you -- the week starts on Monday. That's just how it is.

Oh, and the new day doesn't start until I've been to bed. So if it's Sunday night at 2 am, it's still Sunday. I refuse to call it Monday until I've been to bed. I know, I'm weird. But you knew that.

Josi said...

Me too--Monday kicks it off for me, Sunday is when we rest from those other six days. Sounds like you were mucho ambitious--impressive.

Janie said...

Hello from IL. Still in the old house and minimum function. Milk thistle has been a good thing for the right side pain after the never ending cycle in TX. Have to remember "to smell it is to eat it". Back door is open when the oven is on and I no longer eat eggs. Sulfur smells seem to be a problem altho not an allergen? Missing or tired enzyme? like the alcohol dehydrogenase and p450 slow metabolizer thing. Got an iphone. Forgot that all old phone numbers from TX are in it. Can you send your address and phone #? How about Karen in OR., Carrie, etc. Your girls look great. Wish we could visit again but looks like the clinic is in trouble so looking for doctor in IL.. old doctor thinks MS. SURE WISH THE LADY OF THE HOUSE WOULD BLOG. J. B. C.