Friday, November 28, 2008

Thankful for Thanksgiving

We had a very nice Thanksgiving yesterday. Kara's friend Cara stayed with us for a few days, and enjoyed dinner with us. We tried to get my sister Karra to join us as well, but she had other commitments.

Kara can eat many of the things one finds on a traditional Thanksgiving menu - turkey, potatoes, olives, green beans - so we made a very simple meal that everyone was able to eat together, and it was very nice.

We did run into one logistical issue, as Kara has her own style for cooking the turkey - she blasts the bird at 425 for a short time, to brown the skin, then turns the temp down and covers the turkey in foil. As a result, all of the juices are sealed in for tender, delicious meat.

As another result, the bird is done in half the time it says on the wrapper - a fact we seemed to have forgotten - so we scrambled around trying to get everything else ready for dinner.

For dessert, we made a pumpkin custard with squash, soy milk, tapioca, and spices. It turned out really well, and I thought the girls and I would have to fight Kara and Cara for our fair share.

We played games and visited, and got out some of our more simple Christmas decorations. The heavy-duty decorating takes place today and tomorrow.

I hope each of you had a good Thanksgiving as well.

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Elizabeth said...

This was my first Thanksgiving and I cooked my bird similarly. The result was that the perfectly cooked bird was done approx. an hour and a half before I expected it to be! Oh well, dinner was delicious and our room temperature bird with hot gravy was delicious! But I definitely learned something...Will make adjustments next year. (if I remember)