Friday, November 14, 2008

Whitney Award Benefit Auction

I've mentioned a time or two my recent writing hobby (see my other blog for details). The book that I'm working on falls into the category of LDS Fiction, and it won't get out no matter how hard I try. ;-)

Last year, a group of LDS authors began an award program to recognize excellence in LDS Fiction. It's called the Whitney Award, and right now they are having a benefit auction to raise money for the award.

There are quite a few items up for bid - some are geared towards writers, but many are not. You can find out more about the auction by going here, or you can go straight to the ebay auction by clicking here.

Both the award and the auction are super ideas, but the lackluster economy seems to have stalled the bidding, and the items are selling for far less than expected. What this means to you is that you can get some great stuff for a great price.

I intend to win a Whitney Award at the 2011 banquet, (this is a blog about my delusions, after all) so I want to do my part in supporting the award.

Take a minute to check out the auction. You'll be glad you did.


Pink Ink said...

You know Don, I'd root for you at the Whitneys, but my debut novel will be up for an award, too.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Josi said...

Thank you for posting this, Don. This is very grass roots--welcome to the lawn! (I don't know if that's funny to anyone but me, but I'm laughing)