Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our Contribution to Black Friday

In our home, the day after Thanksgiving is traditionally a day of decorating. This year, about all we got done was the tree.

The day started out late and lazy, as most of our Christmas shopping is done and we just didn't care what kind of doorbusters were going on. I know: It's because of lazy shoppers like us that the economy is in such a funk. Sorry.

We worked our way through breakfast, and I spent some time with my book, then I went into the attic and got down the tree and the lights. Kara and the girls put the tree together, and I spent the next hour trying to get any of our 5 strands of white lights to work. Not a one was interested in lighting up.

So after lunch, I piled Anna into the van and together we contributed $7.64 to the global economy by picking up three new strands of lights. I showed Anna the correct way to string 300 lights on a 4' tree, because Kara and I still remember how much work the 8' tree is. (Anna has forgotten, however, and begged us hopelessly. Maybe next year.)

We then began the task of decorating.

Anna was self-appointed decoration-meister.

Kara is the expert.

Alyssa did her share.

Kara made me put down the camera long enough to help.

The finished product turned out like this.

We also cleared off the mantle and set up the nativity. Now it's really starting to feel like the holidays.

Then after dinner, which amazingly did not include left-over turkey (we had that for lunch) I loaded the whole family into the van and we headed over to Belk to repent of our slothful consumer ways. We spent someone else's money (thanks, Grandma!) to buy the girls Christmas dresses and a few other items of clothing.

A photo shoot in front of the tree has been scheduled for Sunday afternoon. Stay tuned for details.

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Tristi Pinkston said...

I could use an expert over here -- my mom always did the lights and, I'm ashamed to say, I've had her come over to my house more times than I can say to help me. I stink at lights. But she's on a mission right now and I had to do my own dumb lights. Dumb, dumb lights.