Sunday, November 30, 2008

Activity Advent Calendar

This year we are doing a different kind of advent calendar. Each day is associated with an activity for us to do together as a family. I read about this somewhere - I think one of the many blogs I frequent. (If it's your blog, let me know and I'll give you proper credit.)

This is our calendar wall - we started the day before Thanksgiving. Behind each picture is an activity. Today's activities included taking the girl's Christmas portraits (see below). Some other activities we have to look forward to are making cookies for friends, looking at Christmas lights, a few Christmas parties, and singing carols as a family.

Many of the activities involve watching a favorite Christmas video. I want to try keeping the favorites locked away this season, only watching them once, rather than over and over, ad nauseum infinitum.

I'll let you know how it goes.


Josi said...

That is a very cool idea! I can't do it this year because i"m already overwhelmed but maybe next year.

Julie Wright said...

That is a way cool idea! It wasn't my blog you saw it on. I don't have cool ideas like this.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

I love this idea. I think mine would turn out to be more of a planner as each picture would have to have a reminder of a band concert or Christmas program, etc. I can't believe how fast December fills up. What are some of the ideas you have of things to do?

ali said...

I LOVE this! I hope you find out where you got it from because I'd love to copy it. Can't quite do a whole month now, but I could do a Twelve Days of Christmas one.

Maybe I'll have to go google it, lol.

Life with the Rich's said...

That sounds like fun. I love advent activity calendars. I've started to do them now for 3 years. and still going.

Pink Ink said...

Great idea!! Good incentive to do family things when all I want to do some days is hibernate with my NEO.

[Hey, stop at my blog post "Same Day Service". You are mentioned :-)]