Sunday, July 27, 2008

Working Day

So it would seem I've been going about this whole getting-the-kids-to-work thing all wrong. What usually happens on the weekend is we tell Anna we're going to work, and she has a fit, and to take the sting out of working all day I tell it will be a good mix of working and playing and we'll get a reward.

As a result, she whines and complains during the work, overdoes the play, and still expects the reward.

Yesterday, I decided to "under promise and over deliver" by telling her it was work all day, maybe a break if she was lucky, no play, no reward, just shape up.

Of course, she had her fit, but then as we launched into the chores an amazing thing happened - she helped, and didn't whine. And when I gave her a break, she was grateful.

And then when we put together a fruit salad for dinner as a reward, she was ecstatic.

And the work that got done? Tons.
  • Messy coat closet replaced with organized game closet.
  • Bathroom super cleaned
  • Living area cleaned
  • Three loads of dishes
  • Plastic fish hung in girl's room
  • Guest room cleaned
  • Nice dinner made, with Anna as assistant Chef
I told her I think every day should be working day!

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Serious Sam said...

I'm jealous. That would almost make the 107 degree temperature on Sunday worth it. Will you come to my house and make my kids help out?