Friday, July 11, 2008

A Cheese Bagel In My Honor

Every Friday my company brings in bagels for the employees, and every Friday my friend Dan sends me a message that says "A cheese bagel is being eaten in your honor."

Well, today I get to eat my own cheese bagel. Woo-hoo!

Even before the bagels came, I have enjoyed being in the office. I've been able to see outside the myopic tunnel of my own job tasks and reconnect with what everyone else is working on. I've conducted several training meetings for tools I have worked on, and been given a good, high-visibility project. Having positive visibility is essential in my circumstances, so I welcome the task.

Last night I took the girls to the Seven Peaks water park in Provo. My mom's dentist had a customer appreciation night, and she got tickets for us. I must officially be an old fart, because I would rather have visited the dentist in his chair than at a water park.

Anyway, the night went just about as I expected - we didn't get to leave for the park as early as we should have; Alyssa was a tired whiner baby who was intimidated by the crowds and water and didn't want to do anything; and Anna was a whiner baby when it was time to go.

The piece of the adventure I didn't foresee was getting locked out of our car. I'm borrowing my brother-in-law's car while they are on vacation, and I always use the clicker to unlock the doors. Well, apparently you need to use the clicker on the doors, as the key appears to be like a valet key that only turns the ignition.

Being ignorant of this little factoid, I left the clicker at home, as electronic devices generally tend not to like getting wet.

Fortunately, we were at the park with another sister and brother-in-law, and he happens to be a police officer with some good breaking and entering skills. Unfortunately, his tools for doing so were at the police station, so they headed off to retrieve them.

I believe it was the combination of prayers and the threat of police action that caused the door to finally submit to the key and open for us. Hooray!

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Julie Wright said...

I have AAA because i seem to lock my keys in the car three or four times a year. I try to always carry a book with me for when it happens and I'm stuck waiting but it is REALLY vexing when the book is on the seat of the passenger side. I stare at it longingly and curse my wretched luck.

Bagels rock!