Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Closer Look: Something Completely Different

Annette Lyon tagged me for the Closer Look meme, which is completely different from the Keeping It Real tag I did a couple of weeks back.

Well, maybe not completely different, but different enough. Plus, Annette pays more attention to my writing blog, where she has been a great source of guidance and support, so it's very easy for me to cut her some slack here.

Also, some of these pictures are recycled from the above mentioned similar tag, as it might be considered bad form to post picture's of my host's housekeeping on my blog.

#1 The Kitchen Sink - This is our house, and we made sure the sink was empty before we left. I should have taken a picture.

#2 The Fridge - and as a bonus, the freezer. And there is no yak - it has been eaten.

#3 Favorite Shoes - Not so essential here in Utah as they are in Texas. I don't wear them to work here because they keep the office a little more comfortable than my stingy landlord.

#4 The Closet. It still looks like this, although with a few more empty hangers, as some of the clothes came with us on vacation.

#5 The Laundry Pile - It's pretty easy to keep up with laundry when it's just a few suitcases of summer clothes. I had just put the second (and last) load into the washer when I got this tag, so the only things left were the shirt off my back and a pair of socks (which I assure you were not worn with my favorite shoes).

#6 What My Kids Are Doing Right Now - I swear we waste so much money and space supplying these kids with two beds, as this is how they end up every night.

#7 My Favorite Room - Now that the pianos are in, this room stays clean and fills the rest of the house with happy music.

#8 My Most Recent Purchase - Kangaroo Loin Fillets.

#9 A Place Where I Would Like to Go On Vacation - I'll stick with Sea World on this one. There are a lot of places I would like to go, but for a family vacation I would love to go to Sea World. Maybe next year - San Antonio is only 4 hours by car.

#10 Self Portrait - I had to take a new picture, since I just cut my hair and undoubtedly look so much different.

I'm still waiting for Liz and Autumn to do this tag from last time. You can pick and choose which group of pictures you want to do.


Annette Lyon said...

Should have dug a bit more on this blog for that other meme. :)

Thanks for playing.

Tevita and Liz said...

waaaaa!! iìm in italy right now don!! no tags for awhile!
p.s. thanks to your blog for keeping me company while i wait for a cab!