Thursday, July 3, 2008

Arrived - With Photos!

We're here in Santa Fe. The trip was pretty long (13+ total hours, 11+ driving), and started with a detour to a pharmacy in Dallas to get Kara's enzymes (for some reason the pharmacies near us are having some trouble getting this one in).

We got out the door at 7:30 - about a half-hour behind schedule, which was really pretty good for our crew. After we got the van packed, I told Anna to go and find another suitcase and fill it with whatever she could find, because there was still some room left over. It was too early for her to appreciate such a joke.

The girls were pretty good this trip, but not so much as last trip. I think the heat may have affected everyone. We stopped at a rest area with a really cool play fort.

Anna made some new best friends, as she always does.

We took a made a quick stop at Cadillac Ranch outside Amarillo - you know, that place along the old Route 66 with the cars half buried in the field.

The girls were suitably impressed.

We told Alyssa that this time it was OK to write on the car.

We were given directions on a short cut we could take. It was a very scenic drive, and only added about 15 minutes to the trip.

The rooms we have are very nice. Since Anna is unwilling to sleep without an adult in the room, I've got the second best scenario - Alyssa and I in a room with twin beds. Both kids have too many arms and legs in the night for me to comfortably share a bed.

We're spending the Fourth here in Santa Fe. I'm not sure what we'll do, but tomorrow evening I'll be sure and let you know what it was. Then it's off to Utah for a couple of weeks.


ti said...

wow wow WOW!! i've been away for far too long, don!! i can't believe you and the lady, and then you, and then you and kara and the kids drove ALL.THAT.WAY. Glad you made it safe to ALL of your destinations. Santa Fe is quite lovely. Utah will be an absolute blast. Have safe journey driving there as well!

Tevita and Liz said...

that last comment came from me liz, don. forgot to log out of my husband's account before visiting your blog! sorry! (and again, drive safe!)