Monday, July 21, 2008

What You've All Been Waiting For

OK, so here are some pictures from our grand return adventure. (As soon as Blogger stops being all goofy on me....)

Anna managed to stay plugged in and still enjoy the view on our drive to Santa Fe.

At the Jackalope Store, you can find metal horses for the same price as a used car,

Lots o' rocks


And the pots to put them in.

This barbecue grill just oozes irony.

At lunch we played at a park with a steam engine

And a zip line toy.

Then we went to a living history museum, where the girls made their own tortillas. Yum!

There was dinner at the Guadalupe Cafe. We called our friends in North Carolina and asked for recommendations. Then it was back to the park with the spinning clover things. Not the best idea right after dinner, I'm afraid.

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