Friday, July 25, 2008

Guinea Pigs And More

So I finally got tired of Anna telling me every little fact and idea about Guinea Pigs she found on the internet, and suggested she start a blog. That way, she can bother you with every little fact and idea she finds.

We had a lot of fun trying to come up with names for the blog. Some runners up include:

Princess Persnickety
A Note from Anna
Howdy from Texas
Bookok Head (Alyssa's favorite insult)
Anna's Ocean Inlet

The winner, of course, is Guinea Pigs and More. Check it out.

Note: Correct Spelling Optional


Noreen and Allen said...

My vote would have been for "Princess Persnickety". I just love that word...persnickety. I've used it in my everyday vocabulary over the past five years. Mostly do describe myself.
My second vote would have been for "A note from Anna" but the other will work.
Love ya,

Pink Ink said...

That's awesome. My son loves guinea pigs, too (but I won't let him have one). We'll have to check out your daughter's blog so he can get his guinea-pig fix.