Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Back On Your Heads!

The girls are FINALLY back in school today. Hooray!

I faced the morning with a mix of relief and dread, knowing that it could be a real crisis if not handled properly. To this end, I made sure that the girls had their clothes for today all laid out last night. Alyssa was easy (as always), but Anna wanted to try some new things.

She got some leggings for Christmas, and wanted to wear those with a pink skort and pink shirt that she has. She found the skort OK, and the shirt was in the load of laundry she put in the dryer.

However, what she thought was her shirt turned out this morning to be a pair of pink stretch pants, and tears followed. Fortunately we were able to improvise, and she made it off to school looking more like a young woman than she ever has.

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