Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alyssa's New Look

Dear, sweet Alyssa got a couple of changes to her face today. One was planned, the other was not.

The bottom braces were planned. She's excited to have them in. Notice how much her top teeth have moved since this post - wow! They're straight.

We're looking forward to the same kind of progress with her bottom teeth, especially the one that's sticking so far out. It's putting such a strain on the wire that one bracket popped off less than an hour after her appointment. Good thing we were still near the orthodontist, getting samples and toilet paper at Costco.

The other change to her appearance is the big raspberry on her left cheek. This was not planned. Poor Aly was running up and down the driveway while waiting for the school bus this morning (she has three hours of summer school a day). Anyway, just as the bus arrived, she took a tumble. It was like she fell in slow motion - to the knees, then the hands, then right onto the face. Ouch!

I'm very glad the tooth sticking out on the bottom didn't poke her lip or break off - I've been worried about that for a while. Yikes!

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Ellie said...

Hi, there. I like you and your blog and your family. Is poor Alyssa in much pain? Her pics brought back a bunch of literally painful memories. Hang in there, girlie--I promise it's worth it.

Do you still use your treadmill desk? How did it work out with the manual treadmill?

Awfully glad Google sent me your way in my search on treadmill desks. An uplifting visit, and I smiled a whole bunch. Rather weirdly, we follow several of the same blogs (the publishing ones). Well, maybe it's not that huge a coincidence, but it felt like it.

Best to you and your family, Don. I expect I'll come back.