Tuesday, June 30, 2009

After The Vacation

We've been home for a little over a week, and I've accumulated enough little snippets to make a full blog post.

As mentioned in the previous blog post, the AC was on the fritz when we got home. Some guys came and replaced the capacitor, and it worked. For a day. Then it went all intermittent on us.

It was the compressor. Boo.

We got that replaced on Wednesday. A pain in the right hip pocket, to be sure. But so far, so good. And the new compressor is a heat pump, so hopefully our heating bills won't be so high this winter.

Also happening since the last post was our 19th anniversary. We rented a movie and went on a "date" in our room while Shari watched the girls.

It's been very hot here - over 100 ever day since getting back. Bleh.

Alyssa got a baby tooth pulled last Thursday, and today she gets the braces on her bottom teeth. Should be exciting.

I've been feeling wiped out since we got home. Not exactly sure what's up there - maybe a virus? Hope I get back to full-strength soon.

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Josi said...

I hope you're not sick, Don, that's the pits. I think it's a little post-vacation blues. You come home with so many things to catch up and all the good times seem a distant memory. Hopefully another week of such balmy temperatures will help :-)