Saturday, June 6, 2009

SV2K9 - Day 1 Report

Summer Vacation 2009 - SV2K9 - is off to a fantastic start. We got the van loaded Thursday night, and made it to bed only a half-hour late. Friday morning everyone helped get ready, so although we missed the aggressive goal of a 5:30 departure, we were on the road by 5:47, and that suits me just fine.

According to Carly, we drove 904.8 miles in 12 hours and 47 minutes, with just under two hours of stopping time. Everyone was pleasant most of the time, and kept themselves entertained in the van.

It's interesting to note that last year Alyssa's biggest complaint was that her feet kept falling asleep, as the were dangling above the floor. We resolved this by putting her backpack under her feet. Well, yesterday we were on our last of our 7 legs when I realized that she hadn't complained about her feet once. I glanced back and saw that they were firmly planted on the floor. She's growing up so fast.

After we got to the hotel, we decided it was time for a wind-down swim. Anna was very excited to try out her monofin - a single flipper for both feet that requires a dolphin or mermaid-type swimming motion. The pool was nice and warm, and we probably spent 45 minutes swimming and (in Alyssa's case) bouncing and walking along the shallow end.

Today we have 6-7 hours of driving, and then we'll spend the afternoon and evening playing. But now it's time for the free hotel breakfast. We haven't spent any money on food so far this trip, having brought a cooler and box full of meals and snacks. It's working out really well. However, we may celebrate our arrival on the coast with a nice dinner out.

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