Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Cure for Snagletooth

We've known it was coming - there was no way around it. But now the ball is rolling, and within the month, Alyssa will have braces. We met with the orthodontist who did a full evaluation. The braces will cost more that the Blue Book value of our two cars - combined. But insurance will pay a third of that.

Gee, thanks.

Alyssa has been asking for braces for the last couple of months. We'll see how well she likes them the first time the dentist tightens those suckers down.

On a side note, the little joke in our family is that we can't seem to go anywhere without someone saying "Hi" to Alyssa. With all the teachers, classmates, therapists, and assistants at school, it seems the kid knows half the town.

Sure enough, as we walked into the orthodontists office today the girl behind the counter said, "Well hi, Miss Alyssa." And Alyssa hid, which is what she does when she sees someone she knows. It turns out this gal was a substitute aid in Alyssa's Functional Academics class a few weeks back.

Small world.

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