Thursday, April 9, 2009

Calico Kitty Mystery

The cats are gone. I don't exactly know how it happened.

They were in the box this morning. Anna went out to see them before school. She believes the garage door was down.

Before Kara left for work, she told me that the garage door was down and I should probably open it before too long because Jezebel would need to go out and use the bathroom.

So about a half hour ago, I went to open the garage door. Jezey was standing by the laundry room door, acting very anxious. I assumed it meant she had to go, so I reached over and hit the opener button, raising the door a foot or so. She ran out, but stopped just outside the garage door, looked back and me and meowed loud and long.

"What is it?" I asked. Then I thought to look in the box - it was empty. I opened the garage door the rest of the way and followed Jezey, but she didn't go anywhere - just mewed loudly and paced around. I checked all of the obvious spots where she could have hidden the kittens in the garage, but came up empty. And I couldn't hear anything, either. The kittens were pretty loud, so I expected they would give themselves away. But nothing.

Mama kitty kept jumping in and out of the box, acting like she was looking for her babies. But of course I didn't have them.

I came back inside for a few minutes - I'm still supposed to be working, after all, and now Jezey is gone, too. Hopefully she's found the kittens and is taking care of them. But it's all just too wierd.

The question that needs to be answered is this: Was the garage door really down this morning? I didn't notice before I put it up so she could get out. Anna was pretty sure, but there was a touch of doubt when I called her at school. I'm still waiting to hear back from Kara, and see if she double checked the door before she left for Dallas.

If the door was in fact up, then mama moved them - there's no other explaination.

But if the door was down, we have a true mystery on our hands.

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Dan Monson said...

Mother cats have an instinct to move the kittens from place to place for protection. Check in the bushes around the house.