Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Calico Kitty Project - Week 1

The Calico Kitty project has been underway for a full week now, and everything is going as expected.

Mama kitty - aka Jezebel, aka "Tuckie's Friend" - is doing a great job at being a mother. She's always in the box with the kittens, except on the rare potty break.

Tucker, meanwhile, is a sad caricature of sit-com style fatherhood. He comes into the garage once or twice a day to eat, and is absent the rest of the time. He seems scared of the babies, like he's going to be asked to change a diaper or something. The first time he looked into the box and saw the kittens, he did a double take and then ran out of the garage.

The babies are growing big, and are extremely vocal when taken out of the box. One is just now starting to open her eyes.

Anyway, it's hard taking pictures of tiny, squirming, mostly black animals. But you get the basic idea.

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